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Don’t want to go through the hassle of cutting holes in the wall or patching and re-painting? Our product is the Only Quick, Efficient and Permanent Fix!

  • Our instructions show you how to remove the door and install it again with all new hardware, step-by-step, and have it done in about an hour!
  • Our patented removal tool is what makes it easy and fast.
  • Our heavy duty hardware has a lifetime guarantee and with the patented saw-tooth track end makes replacement faster, easier, and prefect!
  • Our “Do It Yourself” pocket door repair kit has been making it fast and simple since 2003 and without one failure!
  • WARNING! Our kits don’t work on metal studs or on tracks that are screwed through the sides. Usually, if you see screws holding the track up, our kit will work.

Our Removal Tool in Action

Need your pocket door installed or repaired?
We currently offer professional repair service in the Houston/Beaumont area.
(We are also looking for installers all across the US and Canada)