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Q. How can you remove the screws in the back of the pocket?
A.  Our patented tool attaches itself to the rear stud in the back of the pocket. By sliding the screwdriver assembly along the rails of the attached tool and under the screw head, vertical pressure can be applied and the screws removed by truning the long handle counter clock-wise, simply and easily.

Q.  My door is 24″ wide. Do you have a kit my size?
A.  Our kit comes with a 71″ track (for 36″ doors) that can easily be cut with a hacksaw to fit door sizes down to 18″

Q.  What is the height and width of the track?
A.  The track is 1 7/16″ wide and the minimum height between the top of the door and the header is 1 3/4″ with a maximum of 2 1/2″. The track is about the same height as many other tracks the we replace except ours are heavy duty with ball bearing wheels.

Q. How heavy of a door will the hardware hold?
A. Our hardware will hold up to 75 pounds. Adding screws to the track inside the pocket with the removal tool will double the capacity to 150 pounds.

Q.  I want to change the door out. Will I need to replace the hardware?
A.  If the hardware isn’t very old, you can remove it from the old door and reinstall it on the new door. If the hardware shows signs of wear, changing the hardware will prevent having to take everything apart again later. Be sure to prime and paint all sides (including edges) of the new door before installing. That will keep it from warping and it will look better.

Q. I don’t feel confident enough to buy your kit. Do you have installers?
A. We have many contractors, remodelers, and handymen all over the US and will recommend one to you if you ask or you can call one of the local handymen in your area. National franchises such as   Handyman Connection or Handyman Matters will give you a free quote are licensed, insured and charge by the hour. Not everyone has heard about us so you may need to show them our website.

Q. The wheels keep falling off my track. Do I need to replace the whole thing?
A.  Trying to buy replacement wheels to fit your track could be difficult as most are no longer available. You can check with Swisco or Johnson Hardware. There could be more than one reason the wheels come off so we recommend using our kit. They have a lifetime guarantee.

Q. The door doesn’t slide very easily. Can I just lubricate it?
A.  Lubricating the track and wheels may allow the door to slide better for a while but the real culprit is the hardware. Lubrication also can be very messy. There is a quick way to tell if your hardware is worn out. Take a piece of Kleenex and wipe the cup of the track that the wheels ride in. If there is metal or plastic debris, you may want to just replace the hardware and be done with it.

Q.  The door won’t close.
A.  There could be a number of things wrong but we’ll start with the easiest. Check to see if the door is on the floor. If it came off track, it won’t have any floor clearance. Or, if the door has been flung open, it could be jammed on the guides at the base. Or, you just had a new tile floor installed but no one checked to see if the door was high enough off the floor. Or, there may be a screw or nail put into hold up a picture or towel rack that went through the wall and into the door. Or, little Timmy hid something in there!

Q. I can’t adjust my door anymore and it’s dragging on the floor. What can I Do?
A.  Most older hardware gets fatigued and worn out. Replacement is probably the best answer.

Q.  My door scrapes against the side. What can I do?
A.  Many times a door that is improperly installed or not completely painted will warp. Sometimes you can adjust the guides at the base of the door opening. If the guides are missing, buy a pair of nylon guides that screw to the outside of the pocket. If that doesn’t help, We suggest buying a new door and use our kit to make it much easier to change out the door.