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Installations in the greater Houston area for one pocket door is $200.00. This includes removal of the old door, track, wheels, as well as some trim necessary to remove the door. We then install a lifetime guaranteed Ghostracks Pocket Door Repair Kit including a set of Quadracycle ball bearing wheels, heavy duty mounting brackets, a heavy duty extruded aluminum track, rubber bumper, and new guides.

If the door or trim need to be replaced, there will be an extra charge. We can also install new doors during the installation of the new hardware at no extra cost.

We offer discounts for a second or third door at only $150 each complete. The first 75 miles from Liberty, Texas is included. Distances over 75 miles are an extra $1 per mile.

We also specialize in accessibility remodels as well as custom remodels of kitchens, rooms and bathrooms including swing door change outs to pocket doors. We have a line of “Tiny Homes” that can be ordered custom made in Liberty, Texas.

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